The PizzaBox

Freshly Cooked Stone Baked Pizza

Social Distancing Style

Lock down project complete!

When the Government announced yet another complete shut down of hospitality, & promoting more outside dining or socialising when reopening due to the limited spread of Covid in open areas with plenty of ventilation we thought what could we do?

We decided to Revamp an Old Horsebox

like you do!

We have really enjoyed building our new little satellite kitchen which will help social distance the Chef's in our main kitchen, cutting the numbers down in there and one of them working in the Box to help

serve the outside areas.

*PizzaBox Menu Only Available When it is Open*

You will be able to order from both kitchens for food, mix & matching the menus but please be aware there could be a short time difference in the food arriving at your table from the different kitchens, we will endeavor to cut this time to as little as possible with

radio communication but


Please Be Patient at Busy Times!